Family Therapy

Family Therapy at CARP Killinarden

Are there many arguments at home? Have people stopped communicating in enjoyable ways? Are there a lot of worries or stress around?
Is it hard to talk to each other?

Family Therapy is a chance for families to come together to talk about the difficult times in their lives. Families often come to talk about bereavement, separations, behaviour difficulties with children, illnesses, addictions or any other worries that cause distress in the family. Couples can come if they are having relationship difficulties. Young children can also come but parents will be involved. Some times whole families come and sometimes just those most concerned will come.

A family is given an appointment for an hour and sessions take place every two to three weeks. The service is confidential and nobody know what we talk about unless the family give permission or unless someone is in danger.

Therese Hegarty NT MSc[Psychotherapy] the manager of the service is a registered Family Therapist with the Family Therapy Association of Ireland [FTAI] Therese has been working in Killinarden since 1980 having previously worked in An Chroí Ró Naofa Junior School for twenty years. Geraldine Donnelly BA MSc. {Psychotherapy} joined CARP last year and has proved herself invaluable as part of the team.

The service is a community based one with many families referring themselves on the advice of relatives and neighbours. Referrals also come from all the schools in the area, Barnardos, Public Health Nurses, and St Vincent de Paul Society.

Therese and Geraldine work from time to time in a multi agency way. They have a good relationship with all the schools and will sometime facilitate joint family school sessions. An example of this would be where a child is refusing to go to school or showing a lot of aggression in school. Therese has also very good links with the Lucena Clinic, YODA, Barnardos, Child Protection Services, Disability services in Stewarts Hospital and will facilitate inter agency meetings with her clients when needed.

Couples and families who attend get to say what their hopes for therapy at the start and we work to try to achieve those goals. Care is taken to give families a time slot, which is suits school and work commitments. Some families come for about six sessions, Some come for a year or a few years. There is no set timeframe and families finish when it is right for them.

At the last session families are invited to give feedback on the work. We are always happy to hear from families and improve our service.




Geraldine Donnelly

Family Therapist

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