Youth Outreach

The main purpose of this project is to provide early intervention and hopefully help young people to avoid following in the same steps as their older siblings.

This is done by:

  • Identifying young people at risk and forming groups that engage these young people in activities and programmes designed to meet their needs.
  • Building relationships with the young people.
  • Providing positive alternatives for young people – working towards improving their outlook.
  • Empowering the youths to become active participants in their community.
  • Working with young people providing them with information around education / employment etc. and referring them to other services where necessary.
  • Supporting young people with regards to visits to Prison and detention centers etc.

CARP Youth Project provides the followings services:

  • Prevention and education programmes (Substance Misuse Education
  • Initiatives/ Personal Development Programmes/ Crime Awareness
  • Initiatives/ Creative projects/ sexual health)
  • Leadership
  • Residential Programme
  • Siblings Group/Group work
  • Home visits
  • Sumer/Easter Programmes and Mid Term Initiatives
  • One to one/Key working
  • Strengthening Families/Drop-in/ Tallaght Idol (Joint Initiatives)

Four Important Dimensions of Youth Work:

  • planned;
  • educational;
  • based on voluntary participation;
  • provided primarily by voluntary youth work services.

Rationale for youth work

  • to establish standards in the practice and provision of youth work;
  • to provide an enhanced evidence base for youth work;
  • to ensure resources are used effectively in the youth work sector;
  • to provide a basis for ‘whole organisational assessment’

Young-person centred, recognising the rights of young people and holding as central their active and voluntary participation:

  • Systematic needs assessment
  • Services responsive to the requirements of young people
  • Services promote the strengths of young people
  • Young people involved in the design, delivery and evaluation of services
  • Clear examples of voluntary participation

Committed to ensuring and promoting the safety and well-being of young people:

  • Provision of supportive environments and programmes.
  • Child protection policy and procedures.
  • Healthy and safety policy and procedures
  • Appropriate insurance cover.
  • Compliant with relevant legislation.

Educational and development:

  • Theoretical and practical foundation.
  • Range of effective youth work methodologies.
  • Relevant and diverse programme/curriculum provision.
  • Evidence of planned and unplanned learning.
  • Developing personal and social capacities and competences.

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